The 6 Week 2018
SSS Spring Challenge
FREE for a limited time only
Hey gOLD COAST! You are invited to The biggest & Best Totally FREE Challenge EVER.

6 Weeks of Unlimited Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition, Motivation,
Fun, Results, Rewards & Community all for FREE At The highest Rated Gym In South East Queensland.
In case you don't know who
Superior Strength Systems are: 
  • Small Group Training At Its Best: If the thought of exercising with 40+ other people while a PT yells instructions sounds great, we are NOT for you. If however you are wanting to train in a small personal group with capped numbers under the experienced eye of a Coach, then we ARE for you.
  • Nutrition Par Excellence: No crazy fads, MLMs or Personal Trainers with Nutrition advice pulled off the Internet here. Our InHouse Nutrition Coach is an Assistant Professor & Lecturer with a Doctorate in Habit Based Nutrition. We don't even try to sell you supplements!
  • Experienced and Educated: Every coach here at SSS is Highly Qualified with decades of experience within the team.
  • Highly Rated: With over 250 online 5 Star Reviews, our client experience and satisfaction is second to none. In fact we have more 5-star Reviews than any other Gym around.
  • We Don't Exercise, We Train: Exercise is activity for the sake of activity. At SSS we train specifics with a clear purpose.
  • Family Friendly: Our secure, free to use kids creche is open every time you bring your little ones in.
  • More Than a Gym: Not everyone can join SSS. We choose who we let through the doors. This results in no egos, no intimidation, no feeling uncomfortable. If you are allowed to join SSS you are family.
  • Here To Stay: We have been in business since 2007 and have seen fitness fads come and go and other gyms flourish and fail. 
  • Strong Is Our Forte: Our purpose here at SSS is clear and simple, to make you a stronger person. 

    Strong is useful.

    Strong is healthy.

    Strong not only means going longer or pushing harder in your sport but it also means being able to pick up your growing grand kids or carry your own groceries.

    Strong is the primary basis of functional health, body re-composition, and athletic and sports performance. 

    From competitive Powerlifters to Grandmothers we know Strong and we’d love to help you get there!  

As demand for our FREE Challenges is so great, we require you to first attend a very quick and informal sign-on session here at SSS-HQ. So, just select a time below and we look forward to achieving some amazing results during the challenge.
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